Conventional Turning 

Conventional Turning of plastics is used when low volume (prototypes or one-offs) or larger items are required. It is a more time consuming method of producing parts, but it requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. 

CNC Turning 

CNC turning (or Computer Numerical Controlling Turning to give it its full title) is a manufacturing process that involves holding bars of material in a chuck and rotating them while feeding a tool to the piece to remove material until the desired shape is achieved. 
CNC lathes are used to conduct operations such as: Boring, Drilling, Threading, Facing, Grooving, Knurling and Parting. 

Advantages of CNC Turning of Plastic Components 

By incorporating CAD or CAM files into the process, the machine can perform rigorous measurements and eliminate the waste of natural human error. It speeds up the manufacturing process significantly compared to Manual Turning. 
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